We Spoke: Table features Swiss music by Jacques Demiere and Serge Vuille as well as Christian Kesten’s work in composition, performance and staging. It highlights We Spoke: New Music Company’s commitment to high profile performance and accessibility.

The programme brings together works that explore connections between sound, movement, and silence in three pieces that use no traditional musical instruments. With silent movements and noisy immobility, the works play with the habits, reflexes and conventions of music making and performer communication. The event features tounge dancing, conceptual noise, domestic grooves, coffee making and unspoken narratives.

We Spoke on Brazilian TV!
Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro


The Programme:

Zunge Lösen (1990-9)

Christian Kesten, Germany

Distance Learning (2009)

John Lely, UK

Living Room Music (1940)

John Cage, USA

Noisy Interval (2010)

Serge Vuille, Switzerland

Musique de Table ou La Troïka s’ennuie (2009)

Jacques Demierre, Switzerland
This staging by Christian Kesten was been first performed at the Amplitudes Festival (CH) in April 2009.


Percussion/Performance: Serge Vuille, Julien Annoni, Olivier Membrez, Guy-Loup Boisneau, Vina Lacerda
Christian Kesten: Staging (Demierre)


We Spoke: performs John Cage’s Living Room Music @ Tage Theatre Musical Zürich
We Spoke performing John Cage’s Living Room Music in a live setting. Millenium Bridge, April 2012
Video filmed at the ‘Studios Curtule’, Vufflens-le-Château, January 2011
Video excerpts flimed @ Festival des Amplitudes 2009