We Spoke : Song brings together three instrumentalists and renowned soprano Juliet Fraser to form a band. The programme explores the melodies, lyrics, sonorities and forms of song, as well as its histories and cultural loading. Central to the programme, a work from Lang’s celebrated DW series that explores repetition and its effects on perception in the form of five pieces including lyrics by Bob Dylan and prog-rocker Peter Hammill. Based around this central piece, we can taylor a programme based on our repertoire.


DW16 Songbook (2004)

Bernhard Lang, Austria

Popular Context 5 (2013, commissioned by We Spoke)

Matthew Shlomowitz, UK

History of Swiss Song (2013, commissioned by We Spoke)

Antoine Joly, Switzerland

Difficulties Putting it into Practice (2007)

Simon Steen-Andersen, Denmark

You say what to do (2014)

James Saunders, UK

Ensemble of Notes (1998)

Larry Polansky, USA


Soprano: Juliet Fraser
Saxophone: Laurent Estoppey
Keyboards: Mark Knoop
Percussions/Drums: Serge Vuille