The new production We Spoke: Primitive deals with the most ancient ways of producing sounds: blowing and hitting.

The programme explores the new music repertoire for flute and percussion with a focus on the separate functions of the instruments. Melodic lines for the flute; timbre and rhythm for the percussion.


Modulation 360 (2010)

Serge Vuille, Switzerland

Syrinx (1913)

Claude Debussy, France

An Idyll fort he Misbegotten (1986)

George Crumb, United States

First Concerto for Flute and Percussion (1939)

Lou Harrison, United States

Komposition für Flöte und Schlagzeug (1999)

Isabel Mundry, Switzerland

Suite en Concert (1965)

André Jolivet, France


Flute: Caroline Lohmann
Percussions: Serge Vuille, Olivier Membrez, Julien Annoni, Vina Lacerda.

We Spoke: Primitive was first performed in Curitiba, Brazil and toured in Brazil and Peru in 2011. With generous support from Swiss Cultural Fund Pro Helvetia.