After five wonderful evenings in 2016, We Spoke comes back for a residency consisting of four concerts and new collaborations at Le Bourg Café-Théâtre in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Wednesdays 15th February, 15th March, 10th May, and 14th June 2017.

This year’s season, curated by Gwen Rouger and Serge Vuille, introduces a rich and eclectic selection of artists, each with different cultural and musical outlooks. From Pascal Auberson‘s creation for four percussionists on a grand piano to the poetic and surprising instruments created by Danish Simon Løffler and Taiwanese I-lly Cheng, the residency keeps the ambitious direction which made last year’s a success. Audience members, connoisseurs and newcomers will enjoy a mix of classical and contemporary repertoires, interdisciplinary collaborations and original creations. Each concert is curated with care to bring together distinct perspectives on live arts as practiced by our guest artists, creating bridges between seemingly divergent worlds and integrating new music to the visual and performative arts scene.

“Spectators see, feel and understand something in as much as they compose their own poem” – Jacques Rancière, The Emancipated Spectator, 2009.


Programme We Spoke: Bourg #2017

15 February: Camille Alena and Philippe Daerendinger

15 March: Serge Vuille and Steve Reich

10 May: Pascal Auberson

14 June: Simon Løffler and I-lly Cheng


More info about the concerts that took place at Le Bourg in 2016

13 January: Le Bourg #1 – Mica Levi & Fritz Hauser

10 February: Le Bourg #2 – Hackuarium

9 March: Le Bourg #3 – Martin Creed

13 April: Le Bourg #4 – Old Masters

11 May: Le Bourg #5 – Anne Sylvie Henchoz