Georges Aperghis, France

Les guetteurs de sons (1981)

Mark Applebaum, USA

Tlön (1995)

David Bird, USA

Fields (2010)

John Cage, USA

Living Room Music (1940)
Variation IV (1963)

Martin Creed, UK

Songs and new arrangements (2001-15)

George Crumb, USA

An Idyll for the Misbegotten (1986)

Claude Debussz, France

Syrinx (1913)

Jacques Demierre, Switzerland

Musique de Table ou La Troïka s’ennuie (2009)
Smoke (2014, commissioned by We Spoke)

Jürg Frey, Switzerland

(unbetitelt) III (1990-4)

Lou Harrison, USA

First Concerto for Flute and Percussion (1939)

Jonathan Harvey, UK

Tombeau de Messiaen (1994)

Fritz Hauser, Switzerland

Die Klippe (1995)
Le Souvenir (1996)
As we are speaking (1996)
Zeichnung (2004)
As We Are Speaking (2004)
Second Thought (2011)
Dishes (2014)
Drum Pieces (2016)

Tom Johnson, USA

Counting Duets (1982)
Bedtime Stories (1985)

André Jolivet, France

Suite en Concert (1965)

Antoine Joly, Switzerland

History of Swiss Song (2013, commissioned by We Spoke)

Christian Kesten, Germany

Zunge Lösen (1990-9)

Bernhard Lang, Austria

DW16 Songbook (2004)

John Lely, UK

Distance Learning (2009)

Mica Levi, UK

Piece for piano (2015)

Alvin Lucier, USA

I’m Sitting in a Room (1969)
Theme for four performers and resonant objects (1994)

Jessie Marino, USA

Heartful Bird, Vivid and Great in Style (2014)

Moondog, USA

Round the world of sounds
Works for organ

Isabel Mundry, Switzerland

Komposition für Flöte und Schlagzeug (1999)

Larry Polansky, USA

Ensemble of Notes (1998)

Stefan Prins, Belgium

Piano Hero (2011)

Steve Reich, USA

Drumming (1971)
First part (bongos) of Drumming (1971)
Music for Pieces of Wood (1972)

James Saunders, UK

You say what to do (2014)

Alexander Schubert, Germany

Laplace Tiger (2009)

Matthew Shlomowitz, UK

Popular Context 5 (2013, commissioned by We Spoke)

Simon Steen-Andersen, Denmark

Difficulties Putting it into Practice (2007)
In Her Frown (2007)

Nicholas Stücklin, Switzerland

Wooxdebon (2015)

Steven Takasugi, USA

Strange Autumn (2003)

Serge Vuille, Switzerland

Modulation 360 (2010)
Noisy Interval (2010)
Correspondance (2012)

Iannis Xenakis, France

Concret PH (1959)
Rebonds A (1989)

Guo Wenjing, China

Drama (1996)