We Spoke invites Pascal Auberson to collaborate for a night around percussion and silence. The programme is articulated around readings by Auberson, and performance pieces by Mark Applebaum and Cathy van Eck that verge on silence. A new piece is created for the occasion by Auberson in collaboration with the musicians of We Spoke. The singer and three percussionists will gather around an open grand piano, exploring the patterns and hues of sound that can be crafted with eight hands, four outside, and four inside.

10th May 2017 @ Le Bourg, Lausanne


Pascal Auberson

Pascal Auberson

Wings for three wooden boards, microphones et speaker
Cathy Van Eck

Seul sous la Douche
Pascal Auberson

Tlön for three conductors without musician
Mark Applebaum

La Nuit Yunal
Pascal Auberson

Hip Hip Hip dans ton Ouragan for 4 percussionists on a grand piano
Pascal Auberson


Artistic Direction : Serge Vuille and Pascal Auberson
Composer and performer : Serge Vuille and Pascal Auberson
Performance and percussion : Julien Annoni, Olivier Membrez, Serge Vuille

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