Performance duo old Masters combines a strong empathy for art with an analytic coldness, leading them to destroy the works of art they have created. Artist Jérôme Stünzi chooses materials and creates works in collaboration with geographer, sociologist, performer and dancer Marius Schaffter, who then comments the work from a theoretical point of view before smashing it to pieces, to the great delight of participants and public. For this collaboration, they will create a musical piece with We Spoke, which will then be dissected and destroyed in a similar manner. The work ‘Strange Autumn’ by Takasugi will suggest another approache to the role of text in contemporary music.

13 April 2016 @ Le Bourg, Lausanne 


Wooxdebon (2015)

Nicholas Stücklin, Switzerland

New Work, performative lecture (2016)

Old Masters: Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi, Switzerland

Strange Autumn (2003)

Steven Takasugi, USA


Performance: Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi

Piano and performance: Mark Knoop
Drums and performance: Serge Vuille
Performance: Nicholas Stücklin