Anne Sylvie Henchoz’s work is based on body and movement. For this collaboration, We Spoke will follow her lead to approach music through gesture. Henchoz will choreograph a performance that will include the musicians of We Spoke, at times directing them to produce sound, at times asking them to move silently. We Spoke, as performers, will move within a set that includes moving images and sculpture. Pieces by Aperghis and Applebaum, which We Spoke will also perform, will directly address the relationship between movement and the production of sound.

11 May 2016 @ Le Bourg, Lausanne 


New work (2016)

Laura Gaillard et Alex Landa Aguirreche, Switzerland

Les guetteurs de sons (1981)

Georges Aperghis, France

Poésie pour les murs (2011) 6′

Anne Sylvie Henchoz, Switzerland

Cairo (2016) 3′

Anne Sylvie Henchoz, Switzerland

Opéra irrégulier (2016) 7′

Anne Sylvie Henchoz, Switzerland

Les battements cosmiques (2016) 14′

Anne Sylvie Henchoz, Switzerland


Performance: Anne Sylvie Henchoz
Percussions: Julien Annoni, Olivier Membrez, Serge Vuille