Hackuarium aims to democratise science. Its members have built a community laboratory in an industrial building in renens, where they have collaborated with architects, artists and designers, and will attempt a musical exchange for the first time here. Hackuarium will develop “living musical instruments”, which react to the behaviour and growth of bacteria. Serge Vuille of We Spoke and Hackuarium co-founders Luc Henry and Vanessa Lorenzo will then co-write a piece for musicians and scientists using these instruments. The other works on the programme will comprise pieces from contemporary repertoire that address or reference science, including Alvin Lucier’s “Themes” and an interactive sound installations.

10 February 2016 @ Le Bourg, Lausanne


Interactive sound installations with dry ice, handmade speaker, electric paint and musical moss (2015)

Motion Harmony #6 (2014)
Jeffrey A. Brown

Theme for four performers and resonant objects (1994)
Alvin Lucier, USA

Creation for percussion and living instruments (2016)
Serge Vuille, Luc Henry, Vanessa Lorenzo, Switzerland



Guests: Luc Henry, Vanessa Lorenzo, Hackuarium  wiki.hackuarium.ch
Percussions: Julien Annoni, Olivier Membrez, Serge Vuille
Electronics: Robert Torche


First prototype for our ‘living instruments’ project in collaboration with Hackuarium, Renens (CH)