For the opening of this season, we invite Camille Alena and Philippe Daerendinger, two artists who also work with video, to create two pieces for We Spoke musicians. Both are interested in found materials, that will be reworked by the members of the ensemble in the form of samples, video clips and performative actions. The programme also presents a piece for detuned pianos.

15th February 2017 @ Le Bourg, Lausanne


Panotii (2017) (10′)
Zoé Cornelius

Rad for two out of tune keyboards, Switzerland premiere (20′)
Enno Poppe

— Interval —

Love Hurts (2017) (15′)
Camille Alena

Baby Baby Drum ‘n’ Bass (2017) (10′)
Philippe Daerendinger


Artistic direction : Gwen.Rouger and Serge Vuille
Composers  : Camille Alena et Philippe Daerendinger
Keyboards and performance : Gwen.Rouger, Mark Knoop
Performance : Serge Vuille

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  • Love Hurts (2017), Camille Alena

“Molly and I met online. She, a California-based whistle artist coming from Australia, and I, have had a distance collaboration for a bit more than a year, and have since developed together two performances as well as several video sequences without ever meeting in person. On the occasion of this invitation to produce a piece at the Bourg, I wish to produce the new act of an opera that does not exist. An opera not for television but for a projection. Fifteen minutes with Molly, several Mollys, because you can’t get enough of her. Mollys that embody all the roles; who speak, whistle, dance, all recomposed and reunited on one same screen.”

  • Baby Baby Drum ‘n’ Bass (2017), Philippe Daerendinger

Piotr Hajduk came from Poland to the United Kingdom following the free movement agreements of 2004, and started performing in the streets of Newcastle in a Spider-Man costume with a beatbox act he has since been perfecting with bodybuilding and intense vocal training.

The ‘beatboxing Spider-Man’ has quickly become a celebrity of the British North. Recently audiences of the BBC have heard of him through a show on the consequences of the Brexit vote on Eastern European nationals living in the UK.

Philippe Daerendinger got in touch with Piotr Hajduk in order to obtain recordings of raw beatboxing that he will then make available to the We Spoke musicians during their residency at the Bourg. If the beatboxing vocally reproduces the synthetic sounds of electronic music, the aim will be to rework these sounds so that eventually, and paradoxically, they will reach a more organic texture.

The presented piece will serve as a soundtrack for an exhibit by Philippe Daerendinger at the Quark gallery, Geneva, in March 2017.

  • Enno Poppe