The programme of this evening looks into ancient and modern patterns. A new piece for 12 percussionists and video by Serge Vuille and Steve Reich’s Masterpiece ‘Drumming’ that We Spoke has performed in 2012 at the ‘Festival de la Cité’. Serge Vuille looks into the English tradition of change ringing, a widespread practice of ringing bells manually following specific scores. Images have been shot in the bell tower of St Paul’s Cathedral in London where 12 bell ringers are playing every Sunday. Percussionists on stage will each take the role of a bell ringer and interact directly with the recording and the images.

This concert is arranged in collaboration with the percussion class of the “Haute École de Musique de Lausanne” (HEMU) Lausanne. Students will join We Spoke on stage.

15th March 2017 @ Le Bourg, Lausanne


‘Bristol Surprise’, new version (2016/2017) for video and 12 percussionists (15′)
Serge Vuille

‘Drumming’ (1971) for 9 percussionists, 3 singers and piccolo (55′)
Steve Reich


Artistic Direction : Serge Vuille
Percussion : Serge Vuille, Olivier Membrez, Julien Annoni, Julien Mégroz, Camille Emaille, Katelyn King and the students of the “Haute École de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU)” Percussion Course
Piccolo : Maruta Staravoitava
Voices : Constance Jaermann and Fanny Anderegg
Sound design : Robert Torche

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