First Swiss ensemble to have been in residence at the International Summer Course in Darmstadt, We Spoke came back from Germany with a plethora of ideas and burgeoning collaborations. This concert offers to bring back to Lausanne parts of this work and to pursue two particularly interesting collaboraitons. The new pieces by Simon Loeffler and Illy Cheng both explore ‘handmade’ instruments and a direct integration with electronics. Simon Loeffler’s machines manipulate microtonal tuning forks and place them directly onto the mics, thus creating sounds that are at the same time pure and created wholly ‘analogically’. As for I-lly Cheng, she uses transparent, water-filled vessels resting on membranes of loudspeakers, that make the droplets inside dance and even jump.


A new player in the Swiss cultural landscape (on the French-speaking side), the N/O/D/E is dedicated to sound oddities, focusing on unusual instruments, forgotten sounds, bizarre music and the correlation between past and present. The Theremin is its emblem. It proposes occasional open-minded and playful events in the French-speaking part of Switzerland to discover, listen to or reflect upon the musical wealth of various microcosms, far away from the beaten path.

N/O/D/E festival’s next edition will take place in January 2018. The theme will be the DIY music phenomenon. For this special concert in collaboration with We Spoke, N/O/D/E’s curators invited two Swiss musicians who both build their own instruments.


14th June 2017 @ Le Bourg, Lausanne


‘H’ for 4 self made instruments, creation of the new version (2016/2017) (10′)
Simon Løffler, Danemark

‘Touche Nature’ for 4 amplified container, creation (2017) (10′)
I-lly Cheng (Taiwan)

‘Key Jane’ for pianist and 2 video channels (2017) (10′)
Michael Beil (Allemagne)

– Interval –

Live 1 (durée : 10′)
Ibn al Rabin, Switzerland

Live (durée : 15′-20′)
Vincent Hänni, Switzerland

Live 2 (durée : 10′)
Ibn al Rabin, Switzerland


Artistic Direction: Gwen Rouger et Serge Vuille
Composers: Simon Løffler et I-lly Cheng et N/O/D/E festival
Performance and piano: Gwen Rouger
Performance and percussion: Julien Annoni, Julien Mégroz, Olivier Membrez, Serge Vuille
Sound design: Robert Torche

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